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View Metrics. Email alerts New issue alert. Advance article alerts. Article activity alert. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Citing articles via Google Scholar. Re-tying the Knot? Remarriage and Divorce by Consent in mid-Victorian England. William A. Contains the names of approximately persons naturalized in New York Colony during the period covered. A more complete and comprehensive record of New York Naturalizations than that contained in no 19, where an imperfect copy of the present list was used as a source.

The company later settled in Barnet, Vermont. Extracted from no Covers the period , but most such statutes were enacted within the years Gives name and reference to statute only. Gives name, place of birth, age, allegience, country from which the alien emigrated, place of intended settlement, and date. Made up from memories of surviving members. Also printed in A Rasmus B. Names listed alphabetically, with city or county of origin, and with occupation. Contains a number of lists of persons brought into the Province and of imported indentured servants and records of headlands for imported indentured servants and others, as well as the passenger lists of the Thomas and Benjamin and the Griffin A more correct and more complete list than that which appears in no Also printed in part in no ; in no A Robert G.

Parker p Chapters 5 and 6, p , contain names of passengers on the Griffith, Kent, Will- ing Mind, Martha, Shield and other unspecified ships. Sharp, Trenton, , is identical in contents and pagination. Also printed, omitting the Griffith, in A William E. For a list of corrections see Robert G. A history of the Huguenots who settled in New Jersey before , giving time and place of birth, ancestry, time and place of arrival, marriage and death, etc, for each.

Helen Fields, "Convenanters and the Work of Rev. Brown and Margaret B. An alphabetical list of aliens naturalized by the Assembly of New Jersey between the union of the provinces of East and West Jersey in and the commencement of the Revolutionary War.

telegraph march 2 Ebook

Contains name and date only, though infrequently country or origin is given. Gives name of head of household and that of his wife, the ship on which they arrived and the date of arrival, the names of their children and servants, the time of service, and wages and land allotted to them. Penington p ; also printed in B E. The list is not included in the ed of the Memoirs. Material gathered from many sources; the list contains 99 of the estimated passengers who accompanied William Penn. Marion Balderston, "The Real Welcome Passengers," The Huntington Li- brary Quarterly xxvi A critical examination of the passenger list of the Welcome given in no , proving only 43 of the 99 passengers listed there as having arrived for certain on the ship and giving the names of 17 probable passengers.

McCracken, "Welcome Notes," The American Genealogist xxxvhi ; xxxix , New information concerning some of the passengers on the Welcome. Scrutinizes a dozen hypothetical lists of passengers on the Welcome, no two of them alike. To be continued. Campbell p A history of the settlement of "Welsh tract" lands granted by William Penn, , containing the names of a great many early emigrants and the ships on which some of them arrived. A list of persons, mostly servants, arriving at Philadelphia during the period covered.

Name of ship in which they arrived often indicated. Also printed in A J. Everts p A chronological listing of Quaker immigrants registered upon their arrival in Phila- delphia according to their certificates of removal from their respective meetings of Friends to which they belonged in other countries. Contains an index of surnames. Names on these certificates contained within the index to the volume. Gives a complete list of early Dutch and German settlers in Germantown with place of origin designated.

Both Dutch and German forms of the name are provided. Supplementary to no In large part these names are extracts from the more complete lists in nos and Two additional names have been added by a later owner of the document. Corbit, "Welsh Emigration to Pennsylvania. Names of emigrants from Bern listed alphabetically; those from Basil are arranged chronologically, then by districts and villages. Each volume has an index to surnames.

Jahrhun- dert aus Altwurtt ember gischcn Kirchenbiichcrn Stuttgart, J. Made up from local church records. No ship mentioned in this or the supplementary vol no However, ship names, extracted from nos and and from other sources, have been included in the English ed no Neue Beitrage zur Auswanderung nach Amerika im Steinkopf [?

Arrangement as before, but supplement contains an index of surnames which is lacking from the original list. Names listed alphabetically, with reference to Gerber volume. Where possible, ship names supplied from nos and and from other sources. Translated and Edited by Don Yoder, Ph. Alphabetical list of emigrants from Wertheim in Franconia, with ship identifica- tions supplied from no Also printed in A Otto Langguth, "Aus wanderer aus der Grafschaft Wertheim," Familiengeschichtliche Blatter xxx , , , , , , and reprinted in the Jahrbuch des Historischen Vereins Alt- Wertheim for Divided into three periods, with emigrants listed in each alphabetically under the town from which they came.

Published by the State Harrisburg, T. Lists of Palatines arriving in Pennsylvania between and Paging of reprint vol- ume in not identical with that of the 1st ed; consequently, volume in of the reprint ed has been designated A for inclusion in the analytical index of ship names. Emigrants grouped under villages whence they originated.

In many cases ship names and arrival dates have been supplied from no Jahrhunderts aus Siidpfalzischen Gemeinden," Mitteilungen zur Wander- ungsgeschichte der Pfalzer Beilage zu Pfalzische Familien- und Wappenkunde folge 5 ; folge 6 ; folge , and reprinted from there in B heft 2 of Schriften zur Wanderungsgeschichte der Pfalzer Ludwigs- hafen am Rhein, Richard Louis Verlag 20 p.

A record of the early emigration from Heidelberg to America. See also nos and No ship mentioned. Gives name of ship and arrival date when known. A composite of nos , , , , , and The list of the William and Sarah also printed in nos and Excerpts names from various lists and gives biographical data on some of the immigrants. Begun originally in monthly parts, but 1st ed issued from stereotyped plates at Harrisburg ; 2d ed Philadelphia Namenregister zu J.

The ed alone contains this index of names. Another index by Marvin V. Meyers p Ser 2 vol xvn of the Pennsylvania Archives. Very comprehensive. Taken from the original mss among the State Archives. A revision and addition to the mateial contained in nos and prepared and edited with great accuracy. For comparative criticism see review by Albert B. Faust in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography lix Contains 29, names from A captains' lists; B lists of signers of the oath of allegiance; C lists of signers of the oath of abjuration.

Volume i contains captains' lists from to ; volume n contains facsimiles of all signatures in lists B and C; volume in contains captains' lists from and indices to captains, ships, ports of departure and surnames in all volumes. Volume n not analyzed in "Index of Ship Names" below. A list of emigrants destined for Pennsylvania and Carolina. Names grouped chronologically under the governmental districts from which they came.

Schmidt 21 p Folge 8 of Schriften zur Wanderungsgeschichte der Pfalzer. Where possible, traces their earlier and later histories from ms and printed sources both in Germany and in America. The list of names without genealogical data originally appeared in B Fritz Braun, "Auswanderer aus der Umgebung von Ludwigshafen am Rhein auf dem Schiff 'Thistle of Glasgow' ," Mitteilungen zur Wanderungsgeschichte der Pfalzer folge 5 Jahrhunderts," Senftenegger Monatsblatt fur Genealogie und Heraldik v From documents in the Stadtarchiv, Wachenheim, and the Gemeindearchiv, Hass- ioch.

Lists of emigrants from Wachenheim and Hassloch to Pennsylvania or Carolina, Gives names and some genealogical data on several thousand emigrants from Germany to Pennsylvania with arrival dates and ship names supplied from no Translated by Don Yoder. Supplies ship name and arrival date when known. Hinke, the contributor of the list, among Swiss archives. Contains the names of 48 Swiss emigrants who left Zurich in Oct and arrived in Philadelphia on May 29 on the ship Mercury. A more complete list of this voyage, giving names including children under 16, may be found in nos and With an Introduction by Dr.

Only a few ships mentioned. Jordan, "Moravian Immigration to Pennsylvania, ," The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography xxxm A collection of several ships lists in chronological order with descriptive commentary. The compiler has also prepared a list of the immigrants from to The manuscript, as yet unpublished, is in the Manuscript Department of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Supplementary to nos and From an ms invoice in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Includes the names of 90 emigrants to Pennsylvania, mostly in the years and , arranged alphabetically by family, with arrival dates and ship identifications supplied in some cases from no Translation here by Don Yoder. When possible, ship name and arrival date have been supplied from no P contains a list of passengers on a trip to Philadelphia in Gives name, place of residence, and date of taking of the sacrament.

Slightly more complete and more time-inclusive than the list in no Names of persons permitted to emigrate to Pennsylvania, with ship name and arrival date supplied when known. Neible, "Servants and Apprentices Bound and Assigned before James Hamilton Mayor of Philadelphia, ," The Pennsylvania Maga- zine of History and Biography xxx , ; xxxi , , , ; xxxn , , A chronological list of immigrant servants indentured in Philadelphia between Oct 2 and Oct 7 Jahrhunderts," Senftenegger Monatsblatt fur Genealogie und Heraldik iv Advertisements for missing heirs from the Kayserliche Reichs-Oberpostamts-Zeitung Frankfurt a.

Arrival dates supplied from no when known. Jahrhunderts," Senftenegger Monatsblatt fur Genealogie und Heraldik v From protocols in the Generallandesarchiv, Karlsruhe. A list of emigrants from Baden-Durlach to Pennsylvania, See nos , and Arranged chronologically under districts, with ship and arrival date often supplied from no Jahrhunderts aus Wurttemberg," Sudwestdeutsche Blatter fur Familien- und Wappen- kunde ix From protocols in the Staatsfilialarchiv, Ludwigsburg.

List of 36 emigrants to Pennsylvania, , but mostly in the year , with ship name and arrival date frequently provided. Contains the names of a number of emigrants. Names of 8 emigrants destined for Pennsylvania and 1 for Nova Scotia, with ship name and date of arrival often supplied. Names of 13 persons applying for permission to emigrate, with ship and date of arrival supplied from no With an Introduc- tion by Dr.

Lists emigrants to Pennsylvania and Carolina, of whom 45 are identified in no Names arranged chronologically under the governmental districts from which they came. A list of emigrants from Dettingen, with ship names and arrival dates supplied from no Gives name, goal of emigration destination and protocol number only. Supplementary to nos , and Jahrhunderts aus Altwiirttemberg," Sudwestdeutsche Blatter filr Familien- und Wappen- kunde xi Lists of persons emigrating from Freudenstadt to Pennsylvania in following an act passed by the Wiirtemberg goverment on May 7 of that year permitting it.

A great many of these sailed on the Duke of Wirtemberg. From a copy of the act in the Staatsfihalarchiv in Ludwigsburg. Transcribed from the original document, "Catalogus der Geschwister in Swatara den Transcribed from the original document, "Catalogus der Geschwister in Heidelberg, Oct. Gives name and origin only. Chronological list of persons indentured, giving name, port of departure, to whom indentured, residence here, occupation, and term of service.

Duplicated in part in no Contains the names of several persons not included in the incomplete list of the voyage in nos , and A list of indentured servants bound for Philadelphia March 15 Sponsored by Pennsylvania Historical Commission Harrisburg ? Reproduced from typewritten copy. From original documents in the custodv of the various courts concerned.

No ship mentioned in this section. Kelker, "List of Foreigners Who Arrived at Philadelphia, ," The Pennsylvaiua Magazine of History and Biography xxiv , Supplementary to no but included in part in no Entries include name, place of origin, and date of arrival.

Gardner, Master, September 19th, Also printed in nos and Contains 83 names and contractual obligations of both the passengers and the cap- tain, concluding "Amsterdam, 4 May, Intended to accompany an article by C. Odhner, "The Founding of New Sweden, ," on p , of the same volume. Photostat illustration of original list taken from Old City Archives, Amsterdam. The initial list of the Purmerlander Kerck, dated here "November 13, ," also printed in no Names arranged chronologically under colony, with only location in "Servants to Foreign Plantations," the ms source volume.

Main list followed by table of bondmasters, table of ships and ship masters, and table of places from which the emigrants came. Piet , n 11 List of foreigners naturalized in Maryland during the period covered. Thomas Mackey, merch't on Potomoak River," in the possession of a relative of the author. Gives the names and occupations of 17 men and boys who shipped on the American Merchant, Piet i The names of 80 political prisoners, mostly Scotchmen deported after the defeat of Mar and Derwentwater's rising in , with names of purchasers.


Taken from a proclamation in the Public Record Office, London. Piet , A list of 55 Scottish prisoners, taken from the same source as no Piet , i From a certified list among the records at Annapolis. The names of 96 Scottish prisoners taken after the battle of Culloclen who were shipped to Maryland on the Johnson of Liverpool, William Pemberton, master, arriving at the port of Oxford on July 20 Richmond, Dietz Printing co , i xxviii-xxxiv A list of those known to have come to Virginia before the close of , with date of arrival and ship supplied when known.

Richmond, R. Wynne and W. From a copy obtained by Colonel Angus W. Gives name only, arranged under place of residence. John Smith, of Willoughhy by Alfred, Lincolnshire.

Works The document has never before been printed in full. Contains 1, names, with the age of each person and the ship in which he arrived frequently indicated. Taken in Total, 1, Several short lists of emigrants to Virginia, , with name, age, ship and year of arrival given. Gookin , p Twenty servants transported to Newport News in the Flying Hart, , and the Providence, Gives name and age only. Pages contain lists of English emigrants who arrived on the Ann and Benny Bess before Feb Excerpts of the Irish names from this list were published in A Michael J.

Reprinted in facsimile by the Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, Somerby, "Passengers for Virginia, ," The New England His- torical and Genealogical Register n , , , ; m , ; iv 61, , ; v , ; xv From original records of the Master of Rolls, London. An alphabetical list of emigrants to Virginia, —, culled from a variety of sources.

Reissued in facsimile by the Genealogical Book Co, Baltimore, Gives the names of 2 paying passengers and of 74 others sold as indentured servants, as well as goods sent back from Virginia on the return voyage. The subsequent history of a number of passengers is traced in the text which follows the account.

EPIC - EPIC in the News

Photostat illustration of the first page of the Accompts. Names of 34 Persons of Liverpool who indentured themselves for a four-year period of service in Virginia or Maryland, William Douglas, from to , Richmond, J. Mrs Grant E. Contains a number of lists of refugees and immigrants and several passenger lists, including that of the Peter and Anthony which landed refugees in Jamestown in Sept Boogher , p 8 Eighteen persons who shipped at Bristol, England, in the Joseph and Thomas and received wages as deck hands. Wil- liam Douglas, from to , Richmond, J.

Date shows year proof was made and recorded. List compiled by Philip H. Fry, Clerk of County and Circuit Courts. King, "Augusta County Early Settlers, Importations, ," National Genealogical Society Quarterly xxv A list of Augusta County settlers who proved their importations from Great Britain at their own expense in order to become entitled to enter public land.

These proceed- ings were before the Orange County Court. Also printed in A "Importations, ," in Oren F. An alphabetical list of petitions received before the Court, giving name, age, year of petition, nativity, place from which petitioner emigrated, place where he arrived, names of witnesses, and date of naturalization. Includes entries to all ports of the Atlantic coast. Divided into 2 sections: Petitions Received, ; Petitions Received, 3 Apparently incomplete; published only through "Petitions Received, []- ," the name "Law.

A chronological list of emigrants brought to Bath County, N C, for which land was granted to the person bringing them or inducing them to come. See nos and First list gives name and former city of residence in Europe only; second list gives name, age nationality, and occupation of each immigrant. Two lists, one of 67 persons going to Carolina in the Richmond, the other of 90 French Protestants willing to be transported to the Athley River region of South Carolina. Access content through your institution.

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