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I just have to go to our picture window and look out over rooftops. Somebody else might not yet appreciate those delights. In opening their eyes, you open your own eyes again and become more grateful. I love it when visitors stay with us, partly because I get to show them around some favorite spots. I could spend hours there, just soaking it all in. If adversity strikes, it can be difficult to recall a time when you were grateful.

Build a bank of gratitude by storing notes, pictures, and other documents about what you were thankful for. Mine includes lots of pictures of sunsets, family, travels, and nature, and notes regarding some kindness shown to me, little improvements in my health and fitness, and things I achieved. I even store some notes about difficult times that made me wiser and stronger, and about unhelpful people whose behavior inadvertently helped me in some way.

If you like to write on paper, you can choose a beautiful notebook and write in it each day. If you get stuck, you can express thanks for being spared some undesirable things life in a war zone, for example, or a disabling illness. If you prefer to write on pieces of paper, you could collect these papers in a big gratitude jar. It will delight you more than a jar of sweets delights a little child. If life ever gets on top of you and your mind is filled with complaints, you can visit your bank of gratitude to regain a sense of perspective.

Gratitude and joy need never be too far away. You can encourage and coach one another in living more gratefully. Even then, you might like to invite a trusted confidante to join you in the conscious practice of gratitude. You can make a pact to practice one or more of these tips at least once a day, and encourage each other when you slip.

Sharing your practice in this way helps to make gratitude a habit and a new way of living. Then I have to live up to what I proclaim. When you regularly practice gratitude , you start to feel a kind of joy in your body. Take a couple of minutes to meditate on the sensations. Did you have a favorite teacher? What was it you loved about them? What effect did they have on your life? One of my big regrets in life is that my first music teacher died before I could properly thank him.

He taught me a wonderful approach to musical composition. I use what he taught me almost every day, and music-making brings me so much joy in life.

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Think of all the people who contributed to your life. Thank them, one by one. Write to them, phone them, email them, visit them, do anything that works, but be sure to thank them. Be as detailed and as specific as you can.

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Show them how much you understand their good intentions and effort. Let them know exactly what their contribution means in your life. Express gratitude to people at every opportunity. It strengthens the bonds of goodwill and connection on which we humans thrive.

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It allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and to attempt good and important things as we join others in working for meaningful causes. Of course, gratitude is not always appropriate. Sometimes there are very good reasons for dissatisfaction and complaint, such as in abusive relationships. Even there, a habitually grateful person can sometimes more easily find solutions because they are more warmly connected to people who can help out.

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I now experience much warmer relationships with my loved ones and others. We know from neuroscience that what we do habitually can change even our brains. I used to be a champion complainer. Thanks for the privilege of writing for you.

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Joel Almeida PhD mentors busy doctors and other professionals to protect the one thing that makes all of life better: their brain. Now you, too, can get the guide free today. But then, as I rode slowly along the lane, I could hear the call coming from the far side of a field. Scanning along the hedgerow, I found it: tail up, wings down, the unmistakable silhouette of a cuckoo.

Why was I so excited? The reason this bird was so special is that, 13 springs after we arrived in Somerset, it is the only cuckoo I have ever heard from my garden. But it is my first — bringing mixed feelings of joy and sadness: joy to hear this siren of spring, yet sadness that this bird, once so common in my village, is now such a rare visitor.

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