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Failing Checkrides and your career

Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Read Aloud. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More related to aviation. See more. Art Smith: Pioneer Aviator. Rachel Sherwood Roberts. By , pioneer aviator Art Smith was as celebrated as any movie star might be today.

He was a consummate showman and had he not died in , his name probably would be familiar to most Americans. He glamorized and popularized aviation while testing the boundaries of aeronautical principles. As a boy he longed to fly before he had ever seen an airplane.

His parents believed in him, and he was fortunate to have a best friend named Al Wertman who helped him build an airplane. His flying skills inspired a young Wiley Post to a life of aviation. The story of this rising star in American aviation is one of adventure, romance, scandal and history. John Carver Edwards. These airmen fairly represent their fellow alumni in their all-consuming love of flying. The pilots are Arthur L. Plane Talk: Cessna Export Tales. Eyvinn H. So not only did I have the added stress of my first solo, but also of my father watching.

Needless to say, I was rather nervous. The flight went fine though, three trips around the traffic pattern and that was it. The next solo flight was much less nerve racking. I was also nervous for my checkrides, but with each one it got a little better. Even today though, after 15 years of flying, I still get a bit nervous for checkrides. Yes that is how I initially fell in love with aviation. The feeling I got when taking off and flying over my hometown was so amazing, I loved every moment of it!

I remember being a little bit nervous as I was taxiing out to the runway to solo, but all the stress immediately disappeared once the wheels left the ground on takeoff. I suddenly felt a rush of excitement and I noticed that the airplane was flying just the same as it was flying a few minutes beforehand when I was doing practice laps with the instructor. I continued for 3 more laps in the pattern that were uneventful but very fun and brought it back in to the ramp with a huge smile on my face.

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Real Answers from Real Pilots. Thank you guys! Red James H March 26, , pm 2. With all of the maneuvers complete we headed back to Stead to take care of my landings. I opted for my soft field first probably because I was more scared about the short field landing and my tendency to float and I hoped that getting a good one in first would help calm my nerves a little.

I came around high as usual and took advantage of the opportunity to get my slip in. Still one of my favorite things to do in a small plane.

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As it turns out my soft field landing was not incredibly soft, but I got it down safely, and we taxied back for my soft field take-off, which went much more smoothly. I flew around the pattern more nervous than I had been on the rest of the flight, especially after my less than stellar soft field. As we came in for the short field I was actually a little low and drug in which is incredibly unusual for me as I am almost always pretty high. I was also a little fast, and just as we came over the threshold I let the wind push me to the side of the runway so I decided to go around.

I have a friend that told me he went around five times on his checkride because he was so nervous, but he still passed. The second time we came around the whole thing felt much more normal, or in other words high, but in this case normal proved to be the right place to be, and I put it down near the back of the zone, but still inside of it. A good firm application of the breaks and retracting the flaps and he told me to taxi off the runway. I did successfully navigate back to parking where he shook my hand and told me congratulations. The next half an hour or so finishing up paperwork and putting the plane to bed are all a little fuzzy to me now as I think back on it.

But the feeling of finally achieving something that I had wanted for so long is something that I will never forget. I was finally, officially, a pilot. I will share a few things he debriefed me on, again in the hopes of helping someone else. One of the reasons my landings were not great is that I was landing with a tailwind.

I checked the weather on the way in and picked the correct runway, but while we were in the pattern the wind shifted which only made it harder on myself, so keep the windsock in your cross check. There is no need to go to full flaps for slow flight, at least in a Cherokee. The maneuver can be performed with other flap settings as long as you are safely getting to the correct speeds. I completely missed some of the questions he asked me on the ground.

After the checkride – making a plan to stay engaged

At the end of the day he told me that he feels comfortable that I will handle a plane safely in the future, which is the whole point of the checkride. It is often said that the Private Pilot Certificate is simply a license to learn, and I am even more excited to learn now than I was before. Now to convince my wife to let me pursue an instrument rating. There is one other reason that I finally pursued this dream that I left out earlier.

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I really wanted to show my kids that they can follow their dreams too. I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued. About Archive Search. Free Aviation Guy Newsletter Want to receive the latest on aviation delivered to you?

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Get all the latest and greatest aviation insights for FREE! Email Address:. Earning the Title of Pilot Have you ever wanted something your whole life? But then you actually did it? So what finally pushed me to get it done?

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The chariot that took me to a fulfilled dream. Share this: Tweet. Post a Comment 2.