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But they didn't sell well. Especially Quinn. The Mayfair's story was epic. From The Witching Hour on, it was very in depth and twisty. Towards the end of that series, I felt she was having a hard time keeping up with her earlier writing, and the stories began to fall flat. A bit like these are now. So I can see why she would want to write all that difficult stuff out.

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As you pointed out, she clearly cannot keep up with her own timelines and characters anymore. No, there was absolutely no mention of Quinn or Mona in the previous book.

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Nor anyone whom you haven't already stated in those scenes. I'm almost through chapter one, and it seems that she has already hinted at Mona's death, though it was this Roth person speaking about it. I don't remember for sure, as I kept falling asleep. Hell, I just re-read Merrick in four nights. Well, four and half, as I finished the last chapter before I started this latest.. I'll stop now and continue my rant in my own journal. LOL H. Yes, that bothers me too. A lot. I was so proud of my collection of signed first editions. Have you seen how much they are worth now?

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It was enough to make me want to cry. I'm absolutely terrified to see what the prices are now. People are practically giving the books away. You know what? I thought Cry to Heaven was bad. I mean, really bad. It took me months to get through that book. I think this may just as foul.

God help us all. I may not be able to finish this book. I may wrap it in plastic with the others and call it a day. How fucking sad. Rose can go choke for all I care give me back my actual favorites.. Thank heavens for that! I mean I seriously would deal with Bella Swan any day of the week than Rose. Gabrielle should have her for dinner but I'm afraid that Rose isn't a good source of substance. Has anyone else noticed the dead characters making an appearance as if they are alive?

Killer and Eleni, for starters. Whats up with that? Un-edited garbage.

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Yep I noticed. Yep Garbage. Totally unedited garbage. It really is like a car crash.

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You want to look away, but Did you catch one of the new characters, I can't recall who, they all sound the same to me, early on mention something about needing to work on their daylight problem? I have a sinking feeling that she's about to go there. If not in this book, then in the next.

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Frank G. Gernot Meier, Studienleiter Ev. Bosman 46 The Importance of Web 2. The theoretical reflection articulates studies on mediatization of religion, especially from the Latin-American perspective, and online communicational networks. In conclusion, it identifies a social process of reconstruction of Catholic meanings, that emerges from a socially shared symbolic- religious know-how and power-of-doing, going beyond the action of the institutional Church or media corporations. Increasingly, the religious phenomenon shifts to media public spaces, such as socio-digital platforms, as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

In this paper, this process is specifically analyzed from the communicational interface of the networked Brazilian Catholicism. Such interest is due, firstly, to the socio-historical and cultural relevance of the Catholic Church in Brazil. In quantitative terms, the most recent data available indicate a historic reduction in the number of Catholics in Brazil: in , However, today, the Catholic Church has a religious majority of the Brazilian population In this context, assuming the communicational processes of religion in societies in mediatization as the research axis of this paper, I am interested here in some media logic and dynamics that trigger such a referral of this religious expression in the Brazilian national culture, especially in a time of digital networks.

In societies increasing in mediatization, the communicational flow of meanings, particularly on the Internet, cannot be stopped or delimited by any structures. Society talks about and does something with Catholicism, apart from the religious offer by the Church or the mainstream media. In their interrelations, such actions trigger a process of communicational circulation.

Through various communicational actions, society mediatically reconstructs the meanings on Catholicism. All these processes feed and embody the communicational circulation on the Internet, through a process that I call here as reconnection. In this article, firstly, I theoretically deepen the horizon of the mediatization of religion in contemporary societies, in a context of practices of reconnection, understood as a socio-symbolic process of networked interaction. I present their relevance in the Brazilian socio-religious context and also describe and analyze the reconnections operated by different inter-agents in their posts on Facebook 2.

To confront my inferences with the opinion of the 2 This paper is a small part of my doctoral thesis Sbardelotto, a. Finally, I conclude that, in the process of mediatization of religion, new modalities of perception and expression of religious beliefs and practices begin to arise in the digital environment, thanks to the publicization of religious elements and the accessibility to such elements by numerous inter-agents, everywhere and at any time. Based on its own systems of meaning, local communicational religious practices on the web can reinvent religion itself, through a circulatory processes.

Religion has been historically linked to social communicational processes — from the discourse in a public square, books, electronic media, and so on. With technological advancements and the emergence of new social practices of symbolization of the world, religious institutions feel the necessity to reshape their symbolic structures to new mediatic processualities, rebuilding and re-signifying traditional religious practices in accordance with the protocols of each new mediation.

As a broad social phenomenon, religion is permeated by these protocols. In the contemporary context, there are numerous connected social agents that communicatively manifest their skills on various areas of the social, including the religious. In this process, the conditions of the possibility of human interaction, social communication, and societal organization become conditioned but not necessarily determined by mediatic logic, dynamic and practices.

Mediatization involves the communicational mediations of culture, including the religious phenomenon, beyond the mere social or technological mediations of the business media organizations. The process of mediatization of religion is much more complex than the religious mediation of media, or the media mediation of religion. Mediatization, in short, catalyzes the publicization of religion, which cannot be understood anymore only as a fixed institution or doctrine.


It also has to do with socially embodied practices and experiences of individuals, collectives, and institutions in public, open places, in constant interaction and connection. This process is not neutral, nor automatic: for its occurrence, the Church in general needs to rethink and update its internal and external communication processes to the digital environment, in a process of digital mediatization of religion.

On the other hand, it is possible to note the existence of numerous cases of environments created by lay-amateurs, referring to Catholic issues, i. Today, virtually all aspects of religious life — historically marked by initiatory rituals reserved for the chosen few — are exposed to the experience of any individual. It involves 3 Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen gentium, n. So here, I propose to work with the concept of online communicational networks, precisely understood as matrices of communicability in socio-digital interconnections, i.

Here we find the explicitation of what Morin calls computing. Through reconnections, therefore, online communicational networks emerge as not mere digital networks, because they also involve complex socio-symbolic actions; nor as mere social networks, because they also involved complex techno-symbolic actions. Source: Sbardelotto