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Short stories for kids are adventurous and interesting ways to teach your children about good morals and right conduct. As kids, they are at their formative years, that is why they need to be educated with good values to make them good fit for society and family. Instead of purchasing at bookstores, you do not have to spend another dime with these free moral short stories specially prepared for kids. Our online short stories are brimming with lessons that your kid can use in life.

These small English stories are not only entertaining, they teach children about several things in life. It shows children how they will get appreciated and rewarded if they live with honesty. The Greedy Crocodile — Based on the theme of greed, this story describes an encounter involving a boy, a crocodile, and a rabbit. The main plot is centered around how the habit of lying affects a shepherd boy. The Ugly Duckling — This tale deals with the concept of apperance, and emphazizes on the fact that beauty does not mean superority.

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It portrays the struggles of an ugly duckling and the challenges faced by it due to its appearance. You May Also Like. About Manasa. Sarika bissa December 19, - pm. Very nice n creative stories vd beautiful pictures Reply. Gayathri G December 28, - am. Thank you very much, Sarika! R Kumar December 19, - pm. Thank you, Kumar!

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Hope you checked out the Free Camping Adventure story as part of this! Sriti rekha Padhi December 19, - pm. Yes stories are more important to develop their mind Reply. Pallavi December 19, - am. This is really useful.

Thank you, Pallavi! Hope you checked out the Camping Adventure storybook too! Soundarya October 2, - am. Soundarya Awsome Reply. Gayathri G October 3, - am. Gayathri G September 19, - pm. Sakhawat Rajper September 8, - pm. Such a very great collection I like them so much Reply. Gayathri G September 17, - am. Kshitij August 30, - pm. Super post. Gayathri G August 31, - am. Shilpa Agarwal August 27, - pm.

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Great suggestions with good collection.. Gayathri G August 28, - am. Very useful to us Reply. Gayathri G August 20, - am. Really glad you found it useful! Gayathri G August 4, - am. Thank you very much!

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Raj singh July 1, - am. Gayathri G July 30, - pm. Hi Srujana, You can get these stories from different sources. Swati March 5, - pm. I believe that stories make childhood memorable. Jagadeesh March 19, - pm. Biswaji February 25, - am. Ashwin January 23, - pm.

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Mira Kakkar January 18, - pm. Ashwin January 18, - pm. K January 17, - pm. The above are a great books for my child……. Jaya January 17, - pm. Nice collection of stories n videos Reply. Thank you Sachin! Sampada January 17, - pm. Yes stories are useful for children Reply. The Foolish Bear. The Jackal and the Drum. Dozy Tortoise Wins the Race. Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby.

The Lonely Puppy. The Wolf and the Lamb. The cat Scan. The Thief and the House-Dog. The One- Eyed Doe. The Cow and the Tiger. The Dog in the Manger. The Lion in Love. The Fox, the Rooster and the Dog. The Mischievous Dog. The Dog Invited to Supper. The Dog with Many Friends. The Fox and the Dog.

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The Dog and the Wolf. The Mighty Fish. The Two Calves and the Chicken. The Beetle Who Challenged the Elephant.

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The Deer Who Played Truant. The Crab and the Crane. The Hungry Mouse. The Monkey and the Crocodile. The Buck and the Doe. How the Turtle Saved Its Life. The Goat and the Horse.