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Sherwin sculpt. London, Eng. Coghlan, J. That same day, Antipholus arrives in Ephesus, searching for his brother.

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He sends Dromio to deposit some money at The Centaur , an inn. He is confounded when the identical Dromio of Ephesus appears almost immediately, denying any knowledge of the money and asking him home to dinner, where his wife is waiting. Antipholus, thinking his servant is making insubordinate jokes, beats Dromio of Ephesus. Dromio of Ephesus returns to his mistress, Adriana, saying that her "husband" refused to come back to his house, and even pretended not to know her.

Adriana, concerned that her husband's eye is straying, takes this news as confirmation of her suspicions.

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Antipholus of Syracuse, who complains "I could not speak with Dromio since at first, I sent him from the mart," meets up with Dromio of Syracuse who now denies making a "joke" about Antipholus having a wife. Antipholus begins beating him. Suddenly, Adriana rushes up to Antipholus of Syracuse and begs him not to leave her.

The Syracusans cannot but attribute these strange events to witchcraft, remarking that Ephesus is known as a warren for witches. Antipholus and Dromio go off with this strange woman, the one to eat dinner and the other to keep the gate. Antipholus of Ephesus returns home for dinner and is enraged to find that he is rudely refused entry to his own house by Dromio of Syracuse, who is keeping the gate.

He is ready to break down the door, but his friends persuade him not to make a scene.

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He decides, instead, to dine with a courtesan. After she exits, Dromio of Syracuse announces that he has discovered that he has a wife: Nell, a hideous kitchen-maid. He describes her as "spherical, like a globe; I could find out countries in her".

Comedy of Errors

Antipholus jokingly asks him to identify the countries, leading to a witty exchange in which parts of her body are identified with nations. Ireland is her buttocks: "I found it out by the bogs". He claims he has discovered America and the Indies "upon her nose all o'er embellished with rubies, carbuncles, sapphires, declining their rich aspect to the hot breath of Spain; who sent whole armadas of cracks to be ballast at her nose. Antipholus of Syracuse is then confronted by Angelo of Ephesus, a goldsmith, who claims that Antipholus ordered a chain from him.

Antipholus is forced to accept the chain, and Angelo says that he will return for payment. Antipholus of Ephesus dispatches Dromio of Ephesus to purchase a rope so that he can beat his wife Adriana for locking him out, then is accosted by Angelo, who tells him "I thought to have ta'en you at the Porpentine" and asks to be reimbursed for the chain. He denies ever seeing it and is promptly arrested.

Synopsis: The Comedy of Errors

As he is being led away, Dromio of Syracuse arrives, whereupon Antipholus dispatches him back to Adriana's house to get money for his bail. After completing this errand, Dromio of Syracuse mistakenly delivers the money to Antipholus of Syracuse. The Courtesan spies Antipholus wearing the gold chain, and says he promised it to her in exchange for her ring. The Syracusans deny this and flee. The Courtesan resolves to tell Adriana that her husband is insane.

Dromio of Ephesus returns to the arrested Antipholus of Ephesus, with the rope. Antipholus is infuriated.

Adriana, Luciana, and the Courtesan enter with a conjurer named Pinch, who tries to exorcize the Ephesians, who are bound and taken to Adriana's house. The Syracusans enter, carrying swords, and everybody runs off for fear: believing that they are the Ephesians, out for vengeance after somehow escaping their bonds. Adriana reappears with henchmen, who attempt to bind the Syracusans. They take sanctuary in a nearby priory, where the Abbess resolutely protects them. Suddenly, the Abbess enters with the Syracusan twins, and everyone begins to understand the confused events of the day. Not only are the two sets of twins reunited, but the Abbess reveals that she is Egeon's wife, Emilia of Babylon.

The Duke pardons Egeon. All exit into the abbey to celebrate the reunification of the family. The Duke returns, but is stopped by Adriana, who appeals for aid for her husband.

The Comedy of Errors Summary

The Ephesian twins escape their bonds and arrive to claim justice. Egeon recognises them, or so he thinks, as the boys he brought up in Syracuse. Solinus, the Duke, sends for the Abbess, who appears with the second pair of twins. She further amazes everyone by recognising Egeon and revealing herself as Emilia, his long-lost wife. She had entered a religious order after surviving the storm and fearing that all her family had died. When all have told their stories, Antipholus of Syracuse renews his attempts to woo his sister-in-law, Luciana.

The Duke pardons Egeon, and everyone goes to celebrate with Emilia at the temple.

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  6. The two Dromios joyfully leave the stage hand in hand. Royal Shakespeare Company, Home Explore Shakespeare Shakespedia Shakespeare's Plays The Comedy of Errors Antiphonus searches for his long lost identical twin brother, Antiphonus, while his servant, Dromio, searches for his long lost identical twin brother, Dromio. Shenanigans ensue.

    The Comedy of Errors Summary After both being separated from their twins in a shipwreck, Antipholus and his slave Dromio go to Ephesus to find them. Act V The sunset hour of Egeon's sentence is soon approaching. Visit Shakespeare's family homes.