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TV : The Caves of Androzani.

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He was still using the diary when Mel was his companion, referring to a note in it. He used the book to pinpoint which species of alien was threatening Little Morton. He was able to correctly guess that he was dealing with a Quitoxin. The Fourth Doctor provided two volumes of his time logs to search for references to Traken. He hinted he was too busy to still keep track of his travels. TV : The Keeper of Traken.

Stanford University asks court to intervene in dispute over Chiang Kai-shek diaries

TV : Doctor Who. The Tenth Doctor had a psychic diary written on psychic paper. He explained to Christina that it held everything he saw and felt. The Doctor kept this diary on a desk in the TARDIS's library, but due to a cloud layer in the library's upper stacks, the desk was rained on no matter where it was placed.

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The Doctor was forced to use a saucepan to catch the rain so it didn't moulder the psychic paper and produce psychic mould and psychic mushrooms. The Eleventh Doctor kept a journal of the encounters he had with River Song. TV : The Impossible Astronaut et.

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  • His memories were returned after reading the book. TV : The History of the Doctor. My husband, who had a severe toothache the morning before a recurrence of a long-ago issue , had felt much better and hoped to avoid a visit to the dentist.

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    But early this morning it began again. Sometimes Mercury retrograde does work in our favor! I went to the store. At checkout, there was a delay. The lady ahead of me needed to wait for the manager to complete her transaction.

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    The only cashier had to sign onto another register to help me. This machine, she advised, would not take credit cards. But she also had trouble signing on. She then found that the scanner would not work.

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    By this time the manager was through and the other customer needed to return later to pick-up her order. We went back to the first register and things proceeded smoothly from there. Mechanical mishegoss is a hallmark of Mercury retrograde, as are incomplete transactions. I returned home and soon found the elevator repairman at my door.

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    It became obvious that he had only a remedial command of English.