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It may seem like a leap of faith to believe scientists who make claims concerning the invisible world of cells and molecules or the nature of cyclical changes to the Earth stretching across millennia. But this belief is not a form of faith. Faith allows people to believe in unobservable phenomena.

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Believing scientific claims merely requires trust. Trust in the conventions of the scientific method—the formal framework of observation, hypothesizing, experimentation, and extrapolation.

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Sure, sometimes this trust is betrayed, and scientists purposely misrepresent their findings. Over the years, The Scientist has covered these relatively rare instances of malfeasance. But the underlying integrity of the scientific method remains intact, as it has for centuries. There is some hope that the public maintains a steady trust in the scientific enterprise. A recent Pew Research Center survey indicates that confidence in researchers and their work has remained stable for decades. Yet it seems that mistrust of science percolates in the public sphere, especially online.

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This sentiment has real ramifications. Measles cases in the US have hit a year high as infections with the virus surge worldwide.

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Widely disseminated public claims about vaccination, climate change, and many other hot-button issues must face more-rigorous vetting. Too often, misinformation spreads among members of the public who are not well versed in science.

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But practitioners of science have a role to play as well. As a community, researchers can emphasize the strength of the scientific method in their interactions with the public, and reassure people that they hold their trust in that framework as a sacred and important bond. Crash Death Or Goodbye Men's Room The Deal South Chinatown Secrets Crisby Calls, Benji Suffers Escape She's Like You North Alone We're Done Rooted in old-school electronics, the music is a collection of gritty synth patches, dissonant strings and metallic percussion.

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More info: www. When she goes missing, he risks everything to find her, including exposing the fact that he is becoming invisible.

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