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Start on the right foot now and learn as you grow. Poorly priced products — This is a pet peeve of mine. I understand why authors give books away. And I agree it can be a powerful tool. How is your effort any less valuable? Some authors swear by it, but from what I have seen is that sort of thing attracts people who would not pay for a book no matter how good it was.

Non existent investing — In the beginning I am all about doing things on the cheap, however at some point you have to be willing to invest in yourself. Authors invest in themselves by taking classes to learn new things, paying for resources and paying for services because you cannot be the best at everything. Brand is key, and your online brand is everything. You are not just selling books, you are selling your author personality.

That is how you build trust and repeat business. So you want to be an author, but don't know how to get started? If you are considering jumping in the deep end of the writing pool, let me be your water wings. Writing can feel like a blind leap of faith into unkown waters for sure. Read and follow these seven tips that all the pros already know, then you too will know what direction to start swiming in when you break the surface. Read everything you can get your hands on.

Stephen King said, "If you don't have time to read, you don't have time to write. It is because reading hones your writing skills. Yes, every day. I don't care if it is one paragraph. Every day. Writing every day creates a habit. Have you ever heard of Surgeons getting surgery block?

You learn ways to work around them. A very wise agent one told me early in my career, "You cannot write in a vacuum. Because you must learn to be a writer. You may believe it is your calling, you may believe you were born with talent. But talent and skill are two different things. He learned at the feet of other artists until he became a great artist himself.

There are many groups you can join, etc. However, take a good look and make sure they are not just back scratching, you give me a shout out and I will give you one. I find in most of those cases, no one is really listening. Yes, that means you can ask a publisher or agent a question in live time. It is free, safe and no strings. We are all in this together. To pen name or not to pen name could be an entire different post. But decide who you will be and as you network remember 3 do it as this person. The name you will write under. You may not realize it, but as you network, you are already building your tribe.

Side note: Google is your friend. Once you know who you are, go out there and grab it. Set up all your social media accounts with the same name so it is easy for your future fans to follow you. If they know you on Facebook, they should easily be able to take that name to Instagram and find you there too, if that is one of your 'hang-outs'. You cannot be an expert at all things all at once. The number of things we seem to need to learn to do can be overwhelming. Most authors discover it is not all about writing a book.

There is designing a website, promotion and marketing and social media networking. It can get overwhelming. But remember first and foremost, you must write. You have to have a book in order to promote it right? Decide if your time is better spent learning the craft of writing or learning the craft of book cover design Consider farming out some of those hats. Ask around, another reason for that networking I mentioned earlier get recommendations. Sometimes a good PA virtual personal assistant is worth their weight in gold.

Sometimes you meet authors like me who have a side business helping with that sort of thing. I am not talking your mom here. Your mom loves you and probably framed the first scribble you ever made. I know this because I framed my kids' scribbles. Get a partner, join a writers group, be willing to put yourself out there, and above all else, be willing to learn from what they have to say.

Renee Conoulty

Nothing frustrates people more, not just authors any profession really, for someone to say hey I want to learn to do this wonderful thing, how do I get started then be disappointed when they say there is more to it than snapping your fingers. I am not the final word in writing. However, I get asked once a week how to do it.

And I do have three traditionally published books, so I must know one or two things worth sharing. So, this is me sharing. I hope you find it helpful and feel free to ask me anything. I may not have the answer.

But chances are I can direct you to a place you can find some. So let's talk about building a brand. Did you know authors are a brand? Just like the coffee you drink and shampoo you use. It all has a name, yes. But more importantly it has an identity. I bet you thought all an author had to do was throw the words down on paper and crack open o bottle of wine once they type "the end".

How do you choose a good book? Same way you choose everything else. Welcome to modern publishing. It works that way for every product you use. Google reviews, Amazon reviews, and Yelp lead the way to trusted brands, or lead you away from ones that are lacking. Everything from the lady who does your nails to the car you drive has a brand and an online presense to interact with. Authors are no different.

In fact, that is how this author me got involved with social media. Building my brand. Letting you know who I am. In that endevor, I have learned that we all struggle to be seen and heard. In additon to having a passion for writing, I've discovered a passion for helping others find their voice in a sea of noise. Kristen Lamb is an amazing source for authors to work with on branding.

She knows her stuff and is full of amazing ideas. She has written books about branding for authors, which I have read and learned a great deal from. She also does speaking engagements and one on one coaching for a fee. She works with everyone, not just authors. Her website walks the walk, including a blog that gives helpful information and tips.

There is so much information avaiable on herwebsite, you can't help but learn something. I like how free she is with the insights into the socail media world. Both these women have built a business based on helping others navagate the open sea of social media. I have decided to go back to school to learn the same. I intend to learn how to help authors even more and anyone else who needs it.

See you in the deep end of the ocean! Who knows, I might even be the one tossing you a lifesaver. Is 'finding your passion' a worthwhile endeavor, or a snipe hunt? The formal induction into my husband's family was the night they took me on a snip hunt. My own family had no sense of humor to speak of, and so I'd never heard of a snipe.

Thankfully, I caught on pretty quick. However in those first moments I had this odd sense that everyone had this grand secret that I just didn't get. It was the same feeling I got in college when I was supposed to be 'finding my passion'. Early on in my job history I tried on many hats. How did they find that one thing that they were willing to commit the rest of their life to, day in, day out, nights and weekends?

O.D. Book Reviews: Secrets Exposed by Lisa Renee Jones (REVIEW)

There was no job I wanted to throw myself that deep into. Professional snowboarders, magazine editors, nurses. How did they know what would bring them joy? Is there just one thing? In the short video below, Terri Trespicio says 'You don't follow your passion.

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Your passion follows you. I believe she is partly right.

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I agree that window cleaners are probably not 'passionate about clean glass'. However, I bet there is something in their life that brings them joy, which they are passionate about. I bet it's something like fishing, and they collect or even make their own flys. I bet they love finding a newbie on the river to share their experience with, and I bet they love taking their grandchildren fishing with them. See, that is their passion.

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Mel Robins talks about how to identify that thing which brings you joy a. The great myth, or snipe hunt if you will, is that you have only found your passion if you make money doing it. Through all the crappy jobs of my youth, through motherhood, and wifehood, I wrote. Sometimes journaling, sometimes writing short stories, sometimes telling stories I made up to my kids. But I was doing it already. And it filled me up, as Mel said. See, I think many of us are already doing our passion. Is that necessary? It depends on what your goals are. If your goal is to make a million dollars doing that thing you love, go for it.

If your goal is to feed your family and teach your kids to fish, that is okay too. And in that aspect, both women in the videos above are spot on. Do you have something in your life you love to do, paid or not? Share your passion with me in the comments below. I'd love to hear about them. The good, the bad and the "what the crap did I just read? There were some great ones, and some I frankly just couldn't get into.

I am going to leave those out because I can't warn you away from something I didn't finish. That would not be fair. So here is what made my nice list and we will leave the naughty alone. Santa's Son by David S. It was short, sassy and surprisingly emotional all in one compact punch. However, if dirty is not your thing, skip to the next recommendation. However, there is more to this mom porn than, well, porn. It has a well thought out story too, which is a must for me and any book, dirty or not. I am up to book three and have loved each one so far.

Just the right amount of sweet and sexy!