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Early on, while taking us on a whistle-stop tour of his cinematic career and the maddening mores of Hollywood, he speaks to us not as the enfant terrible, the Pope of Trash or the Prince of Puke we might expect, but as a canny and wizened realist who has been able to work the system, even when it has failed him. He now understands that perhaps the original Xerox was not necessarily the best one for all concerned.

John Waters — the brand as well as the man — has aged well. He and his work are seasoned; they are the gifts that keep on giving, to him as well as us. The last two-thirds of the book are a compendium of rants on topics that both fascinate and confound the author. Brutalist architecture is lauded. Andy Warhol is paid homage to and parodied at the same time. Chimpanzee art is used as a means to illuminate the insanity of the contemporary art market. It's still amusing, but annoying in parts.

Bob Fenster.

Striped Marble Bathroom Renovation Reveal

If you are stupid, then you're too dumb to know it. Finished your book.

What Happens In The Girls Bathroom!

Loved it. Will want to read a second time.

Dear guests!

I'm currently reading your Big Book of Unschooling - I'm so glad you did this work, because it's easier to read than onscreen I must say that I read it mainly in the bathroom. This reading has given me a gift that is incredibly precious for a mom of 4 under Such a positive energy—it is a real blessing.

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I'm as tired as ever, but it has half the importance it had the week before I ordered your book. Natalijoi, in the chat, wrote of this book: "It's hoparoundable. I usually read it when I am nursing my little girl Anna- she's 2 to sleep. Tonight she took the book from me and wouldn't give it back. She kept finding all the pictures of your children as babies.

The Big Book of Duh

She pointed to the picture of Holly as a newborn and said hold her I want that! Then she said about the book , "Read it! Read it! I expected advice and ideas, or a "good job, don't forget [this or that]. I'm SO excited. It is fantastic—it is the unschooling book that I've always dreamed of. It is absolutely superbly wonderful.

Striped Marble Bathroom Renovation Reveal - The Leslie Style

It is so FULL and clear and people are going to go nuts over it! I can't possibly express how much I love it - I'm ecstatic. I cannot WAIT for it to be available.

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