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I'm a licensed clinical professional counselor and blogger committed to bringing you hope, understanding, and solutions that you can apply to your life immediately. I'd love to connect with you on Twitter and Facebook. These look like some great books, I plan on putting them on my book list. Thank you for sharing them, its always nice to discover some books I have not hear about. As a district manager in direct sales I spent half my life in meetings and I took full advantage of their stunningly beautiful videos that are included in many of their inspirational books.

My very favorite is still degrees — the extra degree of effort! One of my very favorite gifts to give. Hi, Marquita. The operations manager where I work full-time did a great job of instilling a culture of excellence by putting up Successories pictures all over the building. More importantly, she modeled what the pictures said, so they were that much more inspiring to me. The one that looks the most intriguing to me at this stage of my journey is the last one — the Whole Brain Business Book. Sherry, you might want to see if you can obtain this book through your library, or through inter-library loan.

What are some of your business plans in the near future?

I have so much material on motivational quotes…some of them actually overlap…lol. I like to read them a couple times a week. This is a great list. I have a lot of motivational quotes.

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I collect them and add to a folder of quotes on various aspects of success and motivation. I also have several favorites by Jim Rohn. Thanks for the list of books. I am always on the lookout for a good book. I will have to check some of these out. Our local Barnes and Noble bookseller was out of it each time I went to look for it. For whatever reason, I just cannot bring myself to purchase books from Amazon. Christi, interesting that you have heard about that book for a while. Who was the first person to mention it to you?

Great List. Short List. Inexpensive list! I like the one on motivational quotes. They have it in Kindle, but I use Nook so I need to look into it. Motivational Quotes tend to be popular with my Facebook Fans and when I post them on FB, they remind me of what I need to be reminded of, as well. Anoop: that sounds like a great book! Just the title itself makes me want to get it! Not to mention that Wayne Dyer is a great writer. I believe motivational quotes say a lot in few words, I love metaphors and story telling too which I use in my sessions and have the people inspired and share their personal expriences.

One of the book I use a lot is called The magic of metaphor by Nick Owen. Thnaks for sharing these great resources! Patricia, the Magic of Metaphor sounds like a fascinating read.

Motivational Books for Children

Can you tell us more about it, and why you like it so much? This is a wonderful list of great reading. Thank you Stephen for spending the time to collaborate and share the reviews of each book. I am going to get a couple of these, especially the motivational books.

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What are some of your favorite motivational books not on this list? Thank you for sharing these books, they are all new to me. I love adding new books to my to-read list! Care to share? Great list of fabulous books. I thoroughly enjoy Mac Anderson and his story of how he started his business. I love quotes! The other books that jumped out at me are the Spriggles Motivational books for children.

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These sound like wonderful books to read to my grandsons. Thanks for recommending these super fine books! Thanks, Lynn, for stopping by. The same way a picture conveys more than words in seconds -this is exactly what happens with the power of words. I love using specific jokes and songs too, when the client needs to have his or her experince restructured in a gentle and profound way. Having the client imagine the story using his 5 senses creates immediate results, when the story is well chosen and told using the voice and anchoring that the situation requires.

Thanks, Stephen, for a nice, handy list of books to add to my library. I especially appreciate the quotations books, as I sometimes get more out of simple quotes than I do from reading chapters of material! So I have been quite inspired lately. I do love your books with compilations of uplifting quotes. That is so good to have at your fingertips.

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And on Our Children. During our daily Bible reading The Lord pointed out a very remarkable thing today. As our Lord Jesus Christ was being delivered bound to Pilot Jesus remained silent before His accusers. But the most remarkable thing was that His accusers View Product.

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You will find answers to the questions you have held in your heart and did not have a resource to validate your feelings. Boxcar Children Bookshelf Books Also included are Boxcar activities, poster, and accordion bookmark with title checklist. The bookcase can expand to hold up to 32 books. Sometimes, when the temperature heats up, blood boils over. It is the summer of and It is the summer of and Cowan's group is trying to enjoy some much-needed rest in the rebel settlement, following their harrowing escape from the Northeast Territory.

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Their respite may be Children of Fire. Judith Wiker is a confessional poet, daring and eruptive, feeling the pulse of each moment Judith Wiker is a confessional poet, daring and eruptive, feeling the pulse of each moment teasing out that which moves ever so slightly, inlaying humor while gutting herself clean. She spirals through her visceral language with the rhythm that calls Children of Lilith: Book of Bedlam.

Children of My Choosing.