Manual String Quartet No. 3 Bb Major D36 - Violin 2

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Minuet and Musette--Bach an interesting set of duets in various styles. Time: This has proven to be an exciting work for the clarinet choir and has been used with great success by more advanced high school groups. The parts move along quite fast and requre some dexterilty. The Mozart style should prove interesting for your group. Fast articulation and techinique is needed. Ranges are not extreme. It should be an interestilng challenge for the advanced high school group or College level players.

Sections were scoriing should be thinner are listed as one per part. This should be a rewardiing work for either concert or festival. Students tend to find this melody very appealing to work with. Time This adaptation from the original orchestra score strives to maintain the color and sonority of the orchestra while scored for a nice voice clarinet choir. Alternate part for the Eb soprano is included.

Careful attention to dynamics and style should make this a rewarding selectiion for the full sax choir. Careful attention to dynamics and style should make this a rewarding work for the clarinet choir. Slavonic Dance Op. Time This setting of the Dvoark Slavonic Dance 7 may be played with or without the opt perc. An alternate Basset Horn part is included for the alto cl. There are octave choices in several parts to give a choice for the group.

Franz Schubert: Complete Chamber Music For Strings

This should be an exciting adaptation without really big technical demanmds. This setting presents an opportunity to explore this rather somber music of Moussorgsky. Technical difficulties are medium and the work would be suitable for concert or festival. March of the Men of Harlech--Welsch Air 2. At Pierrot's Door--folk tune These two duets wre arranged for a group of five alto saxes at an easy level suitable for 7th or 8th grade level.

The first alto needs to go up to high D. It could also be used for a quiintet of lke instruments such as clarinets. Technical difficulties are rather limited so preparation should not be difficult. There are no special techniical demands. It could be played by a more advanced middle school or younger high school group. An alto part is included as an alternate for the 5th cl.

The contra part may be played on either Eb or BBb. Requires some dexterity in the upper two clarinets but should be quite playable by a high school group. A more advanced setting of this famous Sullivan Overture. Should be an interesting challenge for the more advanced group. Jensen Skill Level: Medium High School socred for 2 flutes, and 2 clarinets Time: with repeats an interesting setting of this popular work by Haydn. Time: This arrangment of the famous Beethoven melody should not be too difficult to work up by this mixed woodwind ensemble and should be rewarding for the group.

Jensen, Tchaikovsky Arranger: Richard E. Prelude and March--Jensen 2. Moderato Lessiero--Jensen 3. March from the "Nutcraker"--Tschaikovsky 4. Hall of the Mountain King--Gieg. Jensen Arranger: Richard E.

Haydn string quartets op.77

These have been used with success in festival and State Finals in Michigan. Trio Allegro--Jensen 2. Minuet Bach 2. Minuet Bach 3. Chanson--Bruske 4. Serenade for Three--Bruske.

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Part 3 books for: Clarinet, French Horn, ten. Part 3 books for: Clarinet, F horn, ten. Optional Keyboard. Dance Bacchanale, Op. The familiar melody should be of interest to your students and the audience. This arrangment is by Barbara Littell Bruske. Jensen Skill Level: Advanced High School to College Eb, 5 Bb, alto, 2 bass, ct alto, ct bass with optional percussion Time This is a fun piece that moves along at a rapid tmepo from the collection of Strauss Polkas.

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Scherzo, from A Midsummer Night's Dream. String Quintet No. Guitare, Op. Adagio and Fugue in C Minor, K. Adagio, for 2 Clarinets and 3 Basset Horns, K. Concerto in A Major, K.

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Concertone in C Major 2 Violins, K. Horn Quintet in E-flat major, K. Piano Quartet in Eb Major, K. Piano Quartet in G Minor, K. Quintet in Eb Major, K. Sinfonia Concertante in Eb Major, K. Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano, K. Turkish Rondo, from Piano Sonata, K. String Quartet in Eb Major, Op. String Quartet in G Minor, Op. Barcarolle from The Tales of Hoffmann. Belle Nuit Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffmann. Fifteen Etudes with 2nd Violoncello accompaniment , Op.

Violin Concerto No. Menuet from the Sonatine for Piano , arranged by Roques. Burleske, Menuet and Gigue, , Op. Four Pieces for Violoncello and Piano, Op. Three Suites for Solo Violoncello, Op. Concerto for Flute in D Major, Op. Trio for Piano, Oboe and Horn, Op. Elegie, from Italian Suite, Op. Introduction and Mazurka, Op. Sonata for Violin and Viola, Op. Carnival of the Animals: The Elephant. Danse Macabre, Op. Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Op. Tarantella for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano, Op. Piano Quintet in B Minor, Op. The School of Viola Technique, Book 1a-1b.

The School of Viola Technique, Book 2. The School of Viola Technique, Book 3. Introduction and Variations in E Minor, Op. Introduction and Variations on a Theme, Op Quintet in A Major, Op. Piano Quartet in Eb Major, Op. Piano Quintet un Eb Major, Op. Preparatory Exercises in Double-Stopping, Op.

String Quartet No. 3 Bb Major D36 - Cello scored for String Quartet

Preparatory Trill Studies, Op. School of Bowing Techniques, Op. School of Violin Techniques, Op. Four Pieces, Op.

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String Quartet, Op. Eine Fidele Ouverture, Op. An Einsamer Quelle, Op. Piano Quartet in C Minor, Op. String Quartet in A Major, Op. The Swan, from Carnival of the Animals. Canzonetta from Violin Concerto , Op. Nocturne for Flute, Horn and Piano Op In tief bewegter Brust. Borje Sandquist for violin and guitar. L'incanto degli occhi. Il traditor deluso. Il modo di prender moglie. Carl Tausig for solo piano. Leopold Damrosch. Wilhelm Backhaus.

ME Bossi. Tarrega for guitar. Gyda Valtysdottir. Rudolph Ganz. Franz Liszt.