Manual Journey to One:A Woman’s Story of Emotional Healing and Spiritual Awakening

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Back then, free of definitions and expectations, you experienced life as an adventure.

Is the immersion a 1:1 program or can my friend and I join the program?

By engaging with spirituality , meditation , and self-awareness, you will have begun your process of unlearning, whether you recognise it or not. And this is our path towards freedom — this is enlightenment. At certain moments you experience transcendence, and catch a glimpse of life as it is. These moments occur when, for some reason, there is a break in the ongoing activity of your mind. When this activity stops, for a brief moment you experience something completely different.

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This could occur under various circumstances: Deep meditation, extreme shock, an orgasm , the influence of a drug, or an amazingly beautiful natural phenomenon. What do you feel when this happens? Imagine that underneath the never-ending commentary of the mind, underneath all the layers of the Ego Formed Self, runs an undercurrent. This undercurrent is filled with feelings of unconditional love, peace, compassion, and joy. And this undercurrent is constantly calling you, with every breath you take.

It is vibrating inside you, because it is who you really are. It is an inner call to return home, to the point where you started and where you will end. Your Ego Formed Self and its ego concepts form a thick layer that makes it very difficult for you to experience that undercurrent under regular circumstances. To break through the thick layer of the mind and dip in these waters you actually need those rare moments.

Have you ever found yourself filled with love or joy or peace that was so immense you almost could not contain it? That was a moment of connection to the source, to the undercurrent, to your Authentic Self; a moment of enlightenment. And the beauty of it is that it may happen suddenly and unexpectedly. You could be standing on the top of a mountain, watching the horizon, or standing on the beach watching the waves, and suddenly something clicks; you stop thinking and come in touch with your Authentic Self.

You become one with this amazing, deep, acceptance and joy, knowing deep within that everything is perfectly fine, has always been, and will always be. A few heartbeats later, the mental noise that gave in for a moment regains control over your awareness and tears your awareness away from the connection to the undercurrent. One of the myths around enlightenment is that it is a durable experience that never changes. In reality, our awareness fluctuates; it is as impermanent as anything else. Note that the experience of enlightenment as a way of being does not change; it is always there, waiting for your awareness.

As you practice meditation and keep growing, your awareness will extend and grow more consistent, yet it will continue to fluctuate. This means that your connection with the enlightened space, the Authentic Self, will also be subject to change. During my years of travelling and spiritual practice I have met many individuals who have experienced enlightenment to varying extents.

Some of the spiritual teachers I have met could even maintain that connection for long periods of time. And yet, I have never met individuals who experienced a steady, never-ending, enlightened state, where analysis by the mind never interferes at any point. We are human; it is no coincidence that we are born into the challenges of a body and a mind.

Had we been meant to be pure spirits or entities of energy, we would have surely been embodied differently, and not be continuously challenged by our mind and body. We all contend with difficulties implanted within us: anger , frustration, jealousy , pain, sometimes even joy brings discomfort. Spirituality does not resolve these difficulties. Frequently, the spiritual journey will take you even deeper into these feelings of discomfort. This is the meaning of being human. On your path towards enlightenment you will have to engage with such experiences.

These challenges, which some might see as limitations, are the reason we are here. Our lives revolve around learning to live with, accept and relate to all that we are, including what we perceive as our personal limitations. We are not here to be perfect whatever that means for you ; we are here to deal with what we define as our imperfections and briefly touch the enlightened undercurrent as we transform.

This transformation cannot be labelled. When we try to label it we fall into the trap of expectations and ego concepts. If you make enlightenment your benchmark, frustration will be your constant companion. Let go of seeking that enlightenment and you will feel great relief and freedom.

It is the celebration of your liberation from ego concepts and expectations. I frequently observe spiritual seekers get deeply frustrated because they are not enlightened after many years of hard work. They are unable to recognise how entrapped they are in their own needs and concepts. Imagine the enlightened space as a road sign that indicates you have come in touch with your Authentic Self, and have been blessed with a glimpse of the experience of it.

It does not matter if you reconnect to it next in a moment or in another lifetime. All you can do is continue your spiritual work here and now. And the freer this work is of expectations for enlightenment, the simpler you will find it to transform and grow. You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. We live a time of awakening and desire to change, never seen before. A lot of people become more conscious and aware of issues and practices that have lasted for too long and that must change.

The world also awakens in terms of nutrition. They all contribute, to their way, to a growing awareness in the world. On the other side, many people are ready to hear those truths, and to become themselves, the change they wish to see in the world. Their consciousness grows, their interests evolve, the meaning of life changes for them, and they have new aspirations and inspirations, coupled with the desire to change themselves in order to also for many, change the world.

Do you recognize yourself in that? You even have the sensation to have become a new person, which has nothing to do with the one you were before. You may even have already been different persons, but it continues. Each time you have the feeling that you are getting closer to your truth. This feeling fills you with deep happiness, as you get closer and closer to who you want to be or should I say, who you really are. The world has now a new color and a new taste, simply because you now look at it with new eyes…. You are ready for a big change and you never want to go back, being so happy about what you have discovered.

You feel a feeling of deep fulfillment and happiness, from getting closer to your truth, and deep joy to feel this new momentum and feeling of hope. Evolving spiritually can be a painful process, as not everyone around you will evolve at the same speed. Very often, we grow ourselves following a certain event or certain encounters, but it is not necessarily the case for our family and friends, that stay the same.

Our vibration became higher, and as result, when we see them, we feel a feeling of discomfort, and the need to recharge our batteries after seeing them we feel drained. Therefore, we then prefer solitude than being drained by negative people. We look for new people, more in alignment with who we really are and our new energy.

Naturally, we are attracted to these new people, who make us feel good and energized. We often feel better with them than our own family or friends that we have known for 10 years. Lots of places or people that you were used to go or see before will not interest you anymore, or even make you feel depressed.

You are on a quest to authenticity, simplicity, real things, that would make your heart sing. Always follow your heart. If your mind and your ego can dupe you and make you sink, your heart can never lie to you.

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The more you will grow spiritually, vibrationally, the more you will be attracted to authenticity and the less you will be attracted to lie, illusion, hypocrisy and sham. A spiritual awakening is not always the best feeling in the world. It can often be accompanied by strong feelings of despair and sadness when becoming more and more aware of all the suffering in the world, even depression for some people.

What you feel is completely normal. You have to go through it. For example, when I discovered the horror of animal cruelty in the food industry and slaughterhouses and when I then decided to really investigate it for weeks and now months, I went through a depression for a few weeks, not wanting to see anybody and do anything, just cry all the tears of my heart. I let it pass, and as I explain it in the article, I then decided to act about it. Taking care of your own well-being is not enough for you. You want to also help others and have a positive impact on the world.

You feel more and more compassion and empathy for others and for animals. Your life only has a meaning when you do something for others. The only thought of it would make you sick. A lot of things that you used to do before, are of no interest to you anymore. Old places or friends that you used to go or see, have not the same taste. You need meaning in your life now, otherwise you get bored, and that affects you psychologically you can even get depressed. You need to have a purpose, a goal when you wake up. You also need to do a job that is meaningful. In addition to your 5 physical senses Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, and Smell that become more and more developed, your spiritual senses also increase intuition, emotions, imagination, conscience and inspiration to a high speed.

Your intuitions guide you more and more and you learn to listen to them. To know more about hypersensitivity , please read my full article on the subject here. You are bombarded with ideas all the time. You are receiving images, ideas, music, and other creative inspirations at an often overwhelming rate. A fire burns in your stomach when you think about doing some things that you want to accomplish, and your enthusiasm is on fire when you think about creating.

You like to be inspired by people you admire. Life takes another meaning when you create, you feel alive. You feel called to realize your dreams and your mission on earth. You are tired of wearing this mask you have been wearing for too long, in order to be what others expect from you. You finally want to know who you really are. Like we just talked about, your desire to reconnect with who you really are is stronger and stronger. You have understood that you and only you can know your answers. Even if you can ask for help and be inspired by others, only you and your higher self, your higher consciousness, who you really are, can give you the answers you are waiting for.

You need to spend more time with yourself, and strongly desire to always trust your intuitions. The more you grow spiritually, the more your energy increases, and the more you will understand how perfectly everything is orchestrated. Your energy, your vibrational state is higher. The more positive your energy is high vibration , the more you will attract positive circumstances in your life.

Also, the more you are connected with your higher consciousness, the more you will receive messages from your spirit guides, through repetitive numbers , etc , and through signs and increased inspiration in your everyday life that will definitely catch your attention. You notice that you are more attracted towards certain food and naturally reject others. You want to take care of your body, more than ever, and for the good reasons.

Each type of food has its own energy and when we raise our vibration, we are then attracted to different types of food, more aligned with our current vibration. We are drawn to high energy food, such as a vegan diet with a good proportion of raw fruits and vegetables. You need more sleep than before, you feel tired when waking up. Periods of lethargy and fatigue. This is a time of integration, so give into it.

You can also wake up many times during the night, or experience panic attacks when you wake up. At other times, you can also on the contrary experience e pisodes of intense energ y which make you want to leap out of bed and into action. A negative emotion is the indicator of a negative vibration. You have understood that living in fear, in worry, is the worst thing to do as we create our reality based on our thoughts and we attract that which we give our attention to.

You now want to make your decisions based on love and trust, and to be in gratitude and joy. Your inner peace has become sacred. All types of conflicts make you feel terribly uncomfortable as you now feel every energy change in your body. You want inner peace and deep serenity. As you feel more and more that we are all connected and all more than our physical appearance, you have lost interest in judging others, and also want to apply it on yourself.

16 Signs You’re Having What’s Known As A Kundalini Awakening

You want to be lighter with yourself and others, as well as bringing more peace, love, compassion for others and in your life. Your heart and your soul only feel fulfilled when you are of service to the world. This connexion gets stronger and stronger. You feel you are one with all living beings and nature. You understand the impact of each and every one of your words, thoughts, and actions, on the rest of the world, and you feel deeply responsible for it. You have understood that they have feelings and consciousness, just as plants too. You feel a strong connexion to them and for some of you, you can even communicate with them animals, trees, plants.

You will no longer be willing to participate in their massacre and torture by billions like it is the case today in our industrial countries. You now even want to raise the awareness about animals and the benefits of being vegan.

Ten Signs That Your True Self is Telling You to Let Go

All of this, makes you feel a deep feeling of bliss. You feel a burn in your chest, of love towards life, of gratitude, of joy, of enthusiasm for no reason. Please come back in January for updated website in english. You can also check out www.

26 Books Every 'Spiritual But Not Religious' Seeker Should Read

Academy only in french for the moment — Online Academy teaching about Ascension and Cosmic Disclosure. Thank you for visiting. Laura Marie. Wooooooo, I had the goosebumps when I was reading!! And felt relieved at the same time…! Thank you for this profound text! Even though, I woke up on Nov, They still think that I am mentally sick and need medication, even though, I went through 4 doctors, one at the time, every 6 weeks with new antidepressant and was their LAB RAT!!!

At the end, I ended up on January, 8. The cops came that morning and Handcuffed ME, brought me to the emergency room!!! How long??? I have just finished an Awful fight with my husband and my daughter. I have been to the psych ward 2 times. Tbh I did have the exact symptoms in this article and had what I would like to call a spiritual awakening. Truth is I went without the medication for a long time and was going insane. So I decided to stay on the meds for a while at least.

Also go without the medication and see what happens. I did that and decided to stay on them after resisting for a long time. Is there any books we can read? Hi Stephanie My story is somewhat like yours, I also find it hard to find good information, about what is happening around me sometimes, however, I have learned a lot, For me this has been a lonely journey as my, family dont have the same experiences as I do, it is the first time that I write to someone, I thought that maybe you wanted to exchange experiences.

I found a wonderful woman called Lisa Renee. Her website is Energeticsynthesis. It saved my life. I feel so much love for you all going through all this. I send you Love and Light.

Kristi Bowman reads from her memoir, Journey to One

I have learned its better to say nothing at times. This world thinks were the crazy ones, ha ha. Many Blessings to you all on your ascension journey. With Love Brenda. Stephanie go to energeticsynthesis it saved y life. All the answers are there believe me. Sometimes its better to not say much to those who dont know about this. In all actuality i think they are the crazy ones ha ha.. Much Love Stephanie. God Bless you. Call e if you need to talk to someone. I can actually see peoples lies now since my awakening. I stopped giving free readings to people because i was becomong a door mat.

They just dont understand this is a lifestyle not a joke. Go to Energeticsynthesis it saved my life. Love you. We are all one and i am here for you, or anyone for that matter. Love and light to you all. Find these arresting coos and unfair family in you. Do not response and go through the feelings. Remenber there is duality so dont get stuck to either side. I believe you should listen more to your intuitions and let go on anything that seem wrong to you.

Trust your intuitions more , listen and pay attention to insights. Letting go of anything that brings negativity to you is the way forward, you create your reality with your thoughts as thoughts are energy being manipulated Tesla.

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You should perhaps start thinking more of your family and children accepting your situation more though you have the choice of not going through this and letting them go to live your spirituality, the choice is yours. Sending you energy from mauritius :. I would love to start some sort of movement with everyone. Please check out my website to truly understand my point of view.

I would love to discuss and debate. Thanks a lot! Does anyone ever get rue feeling of Daja vu. I have been getting it a lot lately and it is SURREAL that i can sometimes predict exactly what will happen next some times when I try to remember what is going to happen I can noy. Also I try to follow the route that I think will happen just to see if im right, sometimes its correct sometimes its not. Its all a bit of a hit and miss. Someone please call me. It was so bizarre, my husband experienced it with me and we walked through each moment knowing what was coming next, the neighbors comment to his wife, the car driving past, everything.

My husband had a clearer view of what was coming I only felt I knew. Like I said we practically spent 30 minutes in walking commentary re-living a time we had already experienced 6 months earlier. I have no idea what it was about.


Your starting to pick up on vibrations and become more sensitive. You havent even scratched the surface of what your fully capable of though. Keep good vibes around you, pay attention to your surroundings at all times and the universe will give you the answers your seeking Keep doing more research. Look up Abraham Hicks. This article put me in another dimension. It enlightens me about the changes that are occuring in me spiritually. During my reading, it felt at times like a divine voice was talking to me. I am still in awe and I have been recommending the article to those whom I believe are ready to comprehend it and make the best of it.

Thanks for this wonderful thought provoking read. I happen to see same numbers in multiple lot many times but what does these signs mean… what are they hinting at?? No clue. A simple story of the complicated Ipe family set in the backdrop of social discrimination, communism and caste system, this book is mainly based on the betrayal and always pops the question into the mind of the reader 'Can we trust anyone?

Can we trust ourselves? Mother Night, by Kurt Vonnegut. As a respected playwright married to a popular German actress, Campbell easily ingratiates himself to the Nazis and offers his services as an anti-semite The author reminds us that no matter how righteous our cause, no matter how insane and evil our enemy, we must be careful how we act if we want to keep our souls as artists and humans. True in World War II, true in the sixties, true now. The Shack, by Wm. Paul Young.

Young's too-weird-for-the-pulpit thoughts about how Adam's rib and the female uterus form a 'circle of relationship' have the appeal of knobby heirloom-produce in a world where much religion arrives vacuum-packed. His theories -- how to believe in Adam while supporting particle-physics research; why the Lord is OK with your preference for lewd funk more than staid church music -- accomplish what mainstream faiths tend to fail at: connecting recondite doctrine to the tastes, rhythms, and mores of modern life.

That conversation evolved into The Dude and the Zen Master, a book by Bridges and Glassman that captures their dialogue about the nature of spirituality. How Should a Person Be? In the hands of another novelist, this debt to reality television might lead to a biting indictment of the shallowness of the culture. But that is not what happens here. Heti sees the silliness in the desire for fame that drives such fare, but she also knows that same desire is involved in the impulse to make art.

Satrapi's book combines political history and memoir, portraying a country's 20th-century upheavals through the story of one family. Her protagonist is Marji, a tough, sassy little Iranian girl, bent on prying from her evasive elders if not truth, at least a credible explanation of the travails they are living through The Time Machine, by H. It not only gave popular culture the notion of time as a physical dimension; it also offered a parable of class warfare in which two futuristic races, the above-ground Eloi and the subterranean Morlocks, stood in for the working and leisure classes of Wells's time The novel is a pessimistic look into the future and a downbeat statement about human evolution.

He doesn't discuss spirituality or religion, but speaks with the simple authority of a man who is looking death in the face and assessing what's really important about life. Don't complain; just work harder Never give up. The letters capture an enduring warmth and wisdom be patient, he advises, write as if you have an eternity that will give heart to aspiring poets today. The helplessness of family love to sustain, let alone heal, the wounds of marriage, of parenthood, and of sonship, have never been so remorselessly and so pathetically portrayed, and with a force of gesture too painful ever to be forgotten by any of us.

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. This was especially true in the s and '70s, when Baby Boomer seekers were thirsty for Eastern wisdom and couldn't afford the five bucks to buy the AY, as it has come to be known The AY prompted more Americans to explore Indian spirituality than any other text. It charts the spiritual journey of a Bodhisattva, one who is committed to attaining full enlightenment for the sake of all living beings.

The poem is written from the point of view of a practitioner and provides an extraordinary insight into the process of inner transformation one goes through while traversing the Bodhisattva path. Martin Luther King Jr.