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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation! Let's Talk! But if you have a book that fits their guidelines listed below , it could be a great way to gain some additional exposure because, from what I hear, the singles and short reads are gaining a lot of traction, especially with recent site enhancements like this: Here is what I got from Amazon related to short reads and singles: You may propose any content you own the digital rights to for consideration as a Kindle Single.

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The name "single" comes from musical singles which are shorter in length than an extended play record. Narrative nonfiction in our digital era could exist almost no other way — and indeed, it once seemed headed for obsolescence.

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The Atlantic writer Rebecca Rosen commented that authors of Kindle singles have found the platform to be financially beneficial. She made a point of distinguishing Kindle singles, which are "curated and shepherded through an editing process by former Village Voice editor-in-chief and Columbia adjunct Blum , much like a traditional publishing house" "successful Singles authors aren't undiscovered gems but professional writers who have published elsewhere before" from Kindle Direct Publishing , which is a platform for unknown authors to quickly publish and sell their works as e-books through Amazon.

Abramsky seems confused by the difference between government spending and disposable income. And by the way, according to the Small Business Administration, companies that employ fewer than 20 people — like pet stores and plastic surgery practices — employ nearly 20 percent of American workers.

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I suspect that the tepid left will ignore it as well, being that these days the most defining characteristic of liberals is that they hate conservatives, and not, say, their abiding concern for the underclass. Gordon Haber writes fiction and journalism. He also publishes e-books at Dutch Kills Press. Home Share Search. Email Facebook Twitter. Give Advertise Subscribe.


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Gordon Haber Gordon Haber writes fiction and journalism.